The Difference

What makes Fairly Reliable Bob's car dealership in Boise different?

The Sales Staff

We have a unique approach to the automotive industry.

Our salespeople earn the same salary regardless of the selling price of the used car. All commissions are set. No pressure is applied to the customer to pay more so that our salespeople earn more. So the motivation is to treat the customer right so that they will continue to get their Boise used cars from us and refer new business as well.

The Inspection

Our vehicles go through a thorough inspection process which includes the following:

1. A vehicle history report is done on every vehicle that we have for sale.

  • This is available upon request.

2. Our reconditioning department drives and inspects each vehicle.
3. Maintenance

  • Fluids are checked and changed by an outside independent vendor if needed. This vendor also performs a multi-point inspection of the vehicle. Problems found are either fixed or the car isn’t offered for sale.
  • If tire tread depth is low, most models receive new tires, however, the investing process does not stop there.
  • If brakes are less than 25% the pads are replaced.
  • All safety equipment is checked including airbags & seat belts.
  • Once the cars are given the O.K. by our reconditioning department they are professionally detailed.
  • Only then is our inventory offered for sale.
  • We look forward seeing you for your next pre-owned vehicle!