Frequently Asked Questions

What will my car payment be?

~ This is a great question, and one that is a concern for most car buyers.

Payments are based on the following available financing criteria:

1. Credit score and/or profile.
2. Amount financed.
3. Down payment.
4. Term of the loan in months.
5. Interest Rate.

We haven’t even touched on putting a trade-in into the equation. We know our customers usually have a budget to stick to. We do our best to accommodate our customer’s needs.

Payment calculators can be found on-line and they can provide an estimated monthly car payment, but they generally do not factor in the taxes and fees.

What is my trade-in worth?
  • Another valid question. If you were to ask 100 different dealerships what a trade is worth, you will get 100 different answers.
  • No two used vehicles are alike and opinions of value are rarely the same.
  • We believe all trades have value.
  • All trades are welcome whether they are paid for or not.
  • We will strive for optimum value for your trade through our network of contacts to ensure that your trade is evaluated fairly.

Do you have dealer financing for my auto loan available?

  • Absolutely! (o.a.c.)
  • We work with several prime lenders to provide preferred financing.
  • We also work with non-prime lenders. Non-prime lenders are available to help customers with a limited or trouble credit history.
  • In addition to our prime and non-prime lenders we also have several local credit unions to finance your next vehicle.

Do you have a first time buyers program?

  • Yes! Please bring in the applicable items listed in the section below and let us go to work for you!
  • We look forward to helping you get your next used car in Boise!

What items should I bring in for financing my car loan?

  • Most recent paycheck stub for any/all applicants. If self employed then 6 months worth of bank statements with your name and the banks name on them.
  • A valid driver’s license for any/all applicants.
  • A utility bill whether it be a phone or a gas bill.
  • Bankruptcy discharge papers if the bankruptcy is discharged within the last year. (If applicable)
  • Up to 6 references of people you know. (complete name, address and phone number)

This list is not necessary for everyone, but will be required if you applying for credit and know you may have some credit trouble or no credit.

What is Buy Here Pay Here?

  • Buy here pay here is an “in house” financing program that allows people to finance their purchase right here at Fairly Reliable Bob's. This program comes into play when we cannot obtain financing from an outside lending institution.
  • The huge advantage of using Fairly Reliable Bob's is that we report your pay history to two of the three credit bureaus!
  • We have helped many customers over the years establish or repair their damaged or bad credit.
  • Those who use the program as it is designed have improved their credit and were able to get more preferred financing on their next used car!

We have tried to cover some of the most basic questions. If you have other questions please contact