The Service 

Fairly Reliable Bob's does many things to satisfy our customers and keep them coming back for years. In fact, many send their friends and family members here because of their trusted relationship with us. Here is how the Service Department contributes to maximizing customer satisfaction.

  1. We offer discounted labor rates when repairing your vehicle purchased at Fairly Reliable Bob's. Most service departments and repair facilities are near and, in some cases, exceed $200/hr. for vehicle repairs. Work performed at Fairly Reliable Bob's is only $150.00/hr. for customers who bought their vehicle here.
  2. Fairly’s customers also enjoy competitive pricing on parts and accessories.
  3. By appointment, we offer our clients free loaner cars when having their vehicle serviced. Please ask for details when you schedule your appointment.
  4. We work with new car dealerships and other automotive specialists in town. If your vehicle needs factory warranty work, or repairs that we are unable to perform in house, we will arrange the logistics so you don’t have to. Our Service Department will sublet all the repairs. That’s right! Just one stop, and we’ve got you covered!
  5. When you purchase a service contract on your vehicle, we will handle the whole claim process. We will wait to get reimbursed for the repairs from the service contract company, so that you don’t have any extra out of pocket expense.
  6. We will not perform repairs you have not authorized. We promise to call for your authorization before exceeding an estimate. You will not be sold services that you do not need either. The Service Department will only recommend the services and repairs we feel your vehicle needs. We will help prioritize the repairs in order of importance and let you make the decision.

At Fairly Reliable Bob’s, you are not just another customer, you are part of the Fairly’s Family! We appreciate our loyal clients. We recognize you are the reason we have been in business since 1975. The Service Department is located west of the Sales Office on the corner of 24th and Main Street. Our hours of operation are Monday through